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History, Success and future vision of Riwald Recycling

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Riwald Recycling

History of Riwald Recycling

Riwald Recycling has been around since 1989. The company name Riwald is an amalgamation of the names Richard and Ewald. Richard and Ewald Huzink are the founders of Riwald Recycling, which was later joined by brother Gert. The brothers' father used to visit farmers in Geesteren and Tubbergen in the winter to collect old iron. That is the beginning of Riwald Recycling.

In 1989, Richard and Ewald went to East Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall. East Germany had to be rebuilt after the revolution. The Russian barracks had to be dismantled and cleaned up. The brothers bought a piece of industrial land by the motorway and built a company with liquid-proof floors there. In ten years, they built and sold four companies. The British defence knocked on the door to dispose of the scrap metal from the Falklands War in 2003-2004. A lot of material was destroyed, dismantled, processed and transported.

In 2006 they bought 1.1 hectares of land in Almelo on the least developed piece of industrial land in all of Twente, located on the Twente Canal. The brothers saw business with Germany in the hinterland. The 1.1 hectares of industrial land has since grown to a size of 7 hectares of high-tech complex with recycling opportunities

Since 2016, Riwald has had a second branch in Beverwijk on the North Sea Canal. This was an acquisition of branch partner Koster Metalen. The acquisition was aimed at creating independence in the value chain with the result: procurement, transport, processing and export completely under own management. 

The success of Riwald Recycling

As one of the world's leading metal recycling companies, Riwald Recycling plays a pivotal role as a worldwide supplier in the circular chain of sustainable material use. With over 30 years of history and two locations, we supply the global demand for ferrous and non-ferrous for various types of industries. Due to our experience, wide range of recycling techniques and our commitment to environmental, social and corporate standards, Riwald Recycling is one of the most advanced, respected and trusted recycling companies within the Netherlands and the rest of the world. 

On annual basis, Riwald Recycling recycles several hundred thousand tonnages of waste materials - varying from electrical household equipment, industrial high-quality residual flows to complete trains and airplanes. These materials will be recycled into more than 150 different types of sustainable raw materials. Based on the position and expertise of Riwald Recycling, in combination with its high-tech separation technologies, Riwald Recycling plays a crucial role in finding solutions for global environmental issues. Our sustainability strategies are linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and we integrate innovative technologies for maximum recovery of materials.     

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Future vision of Riwald Recycling

Riwald Recycling strives for a circular economy with 100% recycling. Our aim is to become a 'circular hub' where all flows come together in our ecosystem: to transform complex products into pure raw materials and to transport them in a logistically sustainable manner to companies in the (manufacturing) industry. The economy would then run on recovered raw materials and no more 'new' raw materials would be needed. We do this together with a passionate team and together we have been working together since 1989 from various locations in the Netherlands on our mission with the highest priority for quality, sustainability and the environment. We pay attention to a cleaner environment and our R&D team continuously researches new innovations and possibilities to recycle waste flows as efficiently as possible into new raw materials.

Based on our business strategy, consisting of the combination of the Trias Energetica philosophy and the 3R philosophy, Riwald Recycling invests in the latest developments, (separation and sorting) techniques, machines and equipment with the aim: to process materials to the same high quality. Thanks to our high-tech granulator in combination with our high-tech equipment – ​​double scrap shears, eddy currents, drum screens, wet separation tables, Infrared (NIR), X-Ray, metal sensors, NF fines processing and color sortings - we enhance raw material efficiency, resulting in that no 'new' raw materials are needed anymore, whereby materials are processed to the same high quality. The economy would then run on recovered raw materials and no 'new' raw materials would not be needed.