Riwald Recycling is located in Almelo & Beverwijk 

Riwald Recycling Almelo

Our location in Almelo has a high-tech granulator with innovative separation technologies, which separates all ferrous and non-ferrous from each other. As a result, all raw materials are suitable for 100% reuse and via this way we contribute to the maximum raw material efficiency. Our high-tech campus is located on the Twente Canal, implying that transport over water is possible, resulting in the optimal use of the possibilities for sustainable transport.

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Riwald Recycling Beverwijk

Due to its unique location on the North Sea Canal and access to the public road network A9 and A22, our location in Beverwijk is very easily accessible, both by axle and by boat. Our 275-meter quay has various facilities and a great gauge, allowing transport via inland waterways as well as via coastal shipping. Based on the desires of our customers, Riwald Recycling ensures that the high-quality steel scrap is tailor-made in order to supply worldwide demand for ferrous and non-ferrous.

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