For over 30 years Riwald Recycling has been an expert in recycling Ferrous metals, Non-Ferrous metals and E-Waste (WEEE)


At Riwald Recycling, the quality of our products is the number one priority. We can recycle and/or supply a wide range of products in the categories ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and e-waste.

Acceptance List

Below you will find a detailed description of our acceptance conditions.

Ferrous metals

Our products of which iron is the main component.

Balkijzer ferrometaal

Beam iron

Riwald Recycling is specialized in the following types: beam iron long, beam iron short and beam iron galva.


Turnings / chips

Iron turnings is a product that usually results from production processes, such as when machining or drilling metals. This is a clean product.

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Riwald Recycling is specialized in the following types: grit, new grit (short and long) and new yard (short and long).

HMS Riwald Reycling


Riwald Recyling specializes in the following types: HMS 1 and HMS 1/2. HMS 1/2 has a thickness of 3 - 6 mm and HMS 1 has a thickness of > 6 mm.

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Cutting iron

There are different types of cutting iron. Especially the thickness determines under which quality this iron falls. Cut iron includes scrap iron or scrap metal.

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incineration scrap

Incineration scrap is created after incineration processes. Riwald Recyling processes, among other things, Twence's incineration scrap.

Non-Ferrous metals

Our products of which iron is not the main component.

Koper recycling product non ferro eindproduct circulaire economie


Copper is a red/yellow colored metal. This metal is flexible, easy to deform, durable and has a high conductivity.

Brons recycling non ferro metaal product


Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. The addition of tin (about 10 to 30%) makes bronze harder and less flexible than copper.

Messing recycling non ferro metaal riwald


Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Brass is particularly durable. It is a hard metal, yet very workable.

Aluminium trias energetica


Aluminum is a light and flexible metal. This metal is a good conductor of electricity. The metal is silvery white in color and despite the low density & light weight, it is a strong metal.

Zink nonferrometaal recycling


Zinc is a blue-white transition metal. This product can be melted down quite easily. An important application of zinc is protection against 'rust'/corrosion.

Recycling lead Riwald Recycling

Other materials

The 'other metals' category includes non-ferrous metals: lead, chromium (turnings and steel), tin and titanium.


Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), also known as electronic scrap or electronic waste. We receive defective and/or obsolete electronic devices that are recycled in a high-quality manner. Riwald Recycling is the only one in the Netherlands to hold a WEEELABEX CENELEC Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 certificate for Large White Goods (LHA) and Small Domestic Electrical and ICT Equipment (SHA).

SHA WEEE e-waste recycling projects content photos nefit & bosch collaboration


SHA (Small household electrical and ICT equipment) includes: microwave ovens, grills, extractor hoods, fryers, hobs, fans, separate heaters, central heating systems, boilers, water heaters, geysers and electrical (hand) tools.

(LHA) large white goods WEEE e-waste recycling riwald product


LHA (Large White Goods) includes washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, stoves/ovens and sunbeds/sunbeds.

Cables granulator recycling


We recycle different types of cables into non-ferrous ones. Our Guidetti WIRE PRO cable recycling system is an advanced cable granulating machine and seperator for the separation of copper and aluminum.

E-motors & motors e-waste recycling

Engines and E-engines

Motors are in all kinds of products. From cars to windmills to household appliances, all of these products require a motor for propulsion. Provided this is done in the right way, the parts of electric motors can easily be recycled. With our knowledge we are happy to ensure that the recycling is successful. We are specialized in block motors, electric motors (both below and above 700KG) and e-motors with delay.