Complex projects performed by Riwald Recycling

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Complexe projecten uitgevoerd door Riwald Recycling Almelo & Beverwijk

KEI WEEE e-waste recycling projecten content fotos nefit & bosch samenwerking

Nefit Bosch & Riwald Recycling

Every year, almost 400.000 central heating boilers are discarded in the Netherlands. For the recycle service, Nefit Bosch works together with a certified partner: Riwald Recycling. Only companies like Riwald Recycling, that meet the high recycling standards, are eligible for the Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment Label of Excellence (WEEELABEX). This ensures a high-quality level for collection, storage, transport, recycling and reuse. The processed volumes and obtained recycling results will be reported and the companies throughout the supply chain must also indicate what exactly happens with the materials. Certified companies like Riwald Recycling are audited by an independent audit committee. The full transparency prevents any interference with the rules.

Riwald Recycling metaalrecycling van vliegtuigen van AELS

AELS & Riwald Recycling

Aircraft End-of-Life Solutions (AELS) is a prime example of the circular economy. AELS dismantles aircraft from all over the world, following that various parts will be reused afterwards. In its 11-year history, AELS has recycled many aircraft from small units, like a Fokker 50, to complete Boeing 747s. AELS is specialized in the disassembly of aircraft and the reuse and recycling of parts where possible. This can be anything - from the seats to cockpit instruments, even an entire wing is possible. As one of the leading metal recycling companies in the world, Riwald Recycling fulfills a pivotal role as a supplier in the circular chain of sustainable material use worldwide, where we transform complex products into valuable ferrous and non-ferrous materials throughout the complete chain where we indicate what exactly happens with all materials. Certified companies like Riwald Recycling are audited by an independent audit committee. The full transparency prevents any interference with the rules.

Bonaire bezoek projecten riwald recycling

Bonaire & riwald Recycling

We would like to share our vision and knowledge within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, including Bonaire. Bonaire faces significant challenges in the field of (metal) waste processing. Waste processing infrastructure needs to be improved and investments in recycling are a high priority. Due to the urgency and the demand for an even more sustainable waste policy, the Lieutenant Governor of Bonaire, Edison Rijna, visited Riwald Recycling, where Riwald plays an active role in finding solutions to Bonaire's environmental issues. Riwald Recycling links its sustainability strategies to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and integrates innovative technologies for maximum recovery from raw materials. The first containers with e-waste and scrap are being loaded in Bonaire for transport to the Netherlands, and Riwald Recycling is responsible for the transformation of complex products into pure raw materials.

Treinstel NS bij Riwald Recycling
Treinstellen NS bij Riwald Recycling voor metaalrecycling

NS & Riwald Recycling

At our high-tech complex it is possible to recycle entire trainsets. Riwald Recycling is specialized in disassembling entire trainsets and subsequently also for transforming the parts into valuable ferrous and non-ferrous. In addition to circular recycling process, Riwald Recycling provides sustainable transport and the associated administrative processes for our customers.