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Riwald Recycling experts in firefighting

Riwald Recycling has been using the PYROsmart system since 2020. The PYROsmart system is an infrared system which can detect fire at an early stage. Where many other systems assume flames or extreme temperatures, the PYROsmart can detect a starting fire. Furthermore, the software works so well that it can effortlessly detect the difference between a fire and the hot parts of a transfer crane, e.g. the engine, exhaust or brakes. The software analyses the heat sources which are warmer than the alarm sets. On the basis of the temperature, movement and spot size, the software determines whether it is a disturbing object, heating, or a (starting) fire. Riwald Recycling uses the PYROsmart detection system in combination with extinguishing guns, which immediately fire when a fire starts. Thanks to these technological innovations, we stay a step forward in the recycling industry.

Riwald Recycling PYROsmart - automatische 24/7 branddetectie op infrarood i.c.m. bluskanon
Riwald Recycling ontvangt Piet Cees van het CDA

Working Visit CDA & Riwald Recycling

Last week, candidate Member of Parliament Piet-Cees van der Wel (CDA) visited Riwald Recycling Almelo. As one of the world's leading metal recycling companies, Riwald Recycling plays a pivotal role as a supplier in the worldwide circular chain of sustainable material use. Piet-Cees van der Wel and Ewald Huzink discussed together about the sustainable future and the latest developments in circular recycling.

Riwald Recycling partner of Klimaatplein

Riwald Recycling's circular solutions have a prominent place in the metal recycling industry within the Netherlands and the rest of the world. Riwald Recycling is the "circular hub" for metal flows. Nowadays, these solutions are also visible at the Klimaatplein. On a monthly basis, the Klimaatplein is visited twenty thousand times by organizations that want to do more sustainable business. Visitors will find many practical stories from companies that actively reduce their CO2 emissions and/or do circular business.Riwald Recycling is not only a partner, but also a participant in the Climate Action Alliance of the Klimaatplein. This Alliance consists of 70 SMEs that jointly work on a 40% CO2 reduction within 5 years.

Riwald Recycling partner van het Klimaatplein en de klimaatalliantie
Riwald Recycling duurzaam transport met de Scania next generation

Sustainable transport with our new Scania Next Generation 2021

From January 2021 onwards, Riwald Recycling will transport with the brand new Scania Next Generation 2021 model, equipped with the newest digitalization towards energy reduction, leading to a more sustainable future. The new Scania Next Generation contributes to global climate goals

Sustainable transport with our new trucks: Volvo FH with I-save

From January 2021 onwards, Riwald Recycling will transport with the latest Volvo FH trucks equipped with a highly efficient engine and a Long-Haul Fuel package, including innovative options e.g. I-See, I-Save and I-Shift for optimal fuel savings. With these investments, Riwald Recycling contributes to sustainable (inter)national metal transport and the global climate goals.

Riwald Recycling duurzaam transport, green en hightech voor ferrous en non ferro metalen
Riwald Recycling maakt gebruik van de Sennebogen 8160 EQ Balanskraan voor efficiënte operations

Sustainable operations with our new Sennebogen 8160 EQ balance crane

Riwald Recycling expands its fleet with an electric Sennebogen 8160 EQ balance crane which is equipped with the latest innovations for efficient operations. Thanks to the intelligent distribution of energy, this balance crane consumes less energy compared with regular cranes, leading to extensive energy savings within our business process based on the EQ principles

Riwald Recycling celebrates its centenary with 30 years of progress

Riwald Recycling celebrated its 30th anniversary this weekend. 30 years ago, the brothers Gert, Ewald and Richard Huzink started recycling metal scrap. In this day and age, Riwald Recycling consists of two sites and the company supplies the worldwide demand for ferrous and non-ferrous. Riwald Recycling hosted a big event for all our relations and busines partners. More than 600 people attended our event, with Humberto Tan as guest speaker. The next day there was an open day for all curious persons.

Riwald Recyling opendag en openhuis i.v.m. 30 jaar bestaan
Riwald Recycling doneert 30.000 euro aan goede doelen en stichtingen binnen Almelo en Twente

Riwald Recycling donates 30.000 euros to Poverty Pact Almelo

During a unique conference hosted by the Poverty Pact Almelo, Riwald Recycling donated ten checks with a total value of 30.000 euros to ten initiatives. These organizations are directly committed to people who live in poverty. According to Ewald Huzink, ‘the poverty pact has existed for 10 years and we therefore thought it would be a nice gesture to choose 10 initiatives’. These are the meal providers Eethoek, Ter Wille, the addiction care, which helps to forced prostitutes, Leergeld Almelo and Tubbergen, who ensure that children in poverty can still go to school.