Ship & offshore Recycling Holland is a joint venture between the Hein Heun Group and Riwald with the aim of dismantling ships at a fixed location and according to the most modern requirements. The yard located in Kootstertille was completely renovated in 2014 in accordance with the latest European directives. We are also in possession of all required certificates and have the possibility to dismantle vessels up to a length of 110 meters.

A short distance from Drachten, Leeuwarden and the A7 motorway, you will find our new ship-dismantling yard at Oastkern 18 in Kootstertille. Ship & Offshore Recycling specialises in the responsible demolition, sorting and recycling of naval vessels, pontoons, towing and pusher craft and various ships for sea and river transport. This new shipyard is located directly on the Prinses Margriet Canal, and completely equipped with liquid-proof surfaces and a brand new waste water management system according to the latest European Laws and Regulations. This allows us to dismantle floating equipment fast, professionally and highly environmentally friendly, with the certainty that no contamination occurs in the soil and water.

Because of our complete package of services, we can use all disciplines within our companies. Asbestos in ships is removed by Hein Heun Asbestsanering in accordance with the applicable Legislation and Regulations. Reusable ship components from entire engines to electronic devices are carefully preserved, clearly stored and offered for reuse in the maritime market.

The ships are stripped further and the waste flows are sorted and transported to processing companies. Finally, scrapping of the frames is done with large steel cutters after which the ferrous and non-ferrous materials are recycled by Riwald B.V.

The spacious and neat layout of the site ensures a safe and environmentally responsible working environment.