We are constantly investing in the future. This includes the use of a unique high-tech granulator in combination with a waste separation installation connected to it. We also invest in a green future by working with electric cranes. Environmentally friendly, fuel-saving and noise-reducing!

This makes Riwald Recycling one of the most innovative recycling companies in Europe. We think about the future and show that metal recycling can also be done differently. More sustainable, cleaner and more professional.


Because raw materials are becoming scarce, the time is now ripe to choose for the future. An important point is almost 100% reuse of recycling materials that are released in this modern economy. Make the world cleaner and more liveable.

Riwald Recycling chooses for the future and society.

Transport can be greener. That is why we focus internally on sustainability by choosing an electric crane and transporting our end products by water.

Riwald Recycling provides people a good chance to succeed in the labour market by giving people with a disability or an employment history an opportunity.

The pursuit of the right certification is also an important spearhead for Riwald Recycling within the organisation. We are one of the only companies in the Netherlands that has the permits to handle empty ammunition in a responsible manner.


Our granulator, a unique metal processing machine, separates the ferrous material from the non-ferrous metals. Due to its innovative effect, this granulator with the connected waste separation installation can separate the remaining waste from the incoming metals, making practically all raw materials suitable for 100% reuse.

The end products are also more pure, which in turn entails a higher yield. This also has the advantage that the end products can be offered directly to, for example, smelters and final processors for reuse.