Our services

High-tech metal recycling, container service, demolition works & product destruction

Our services

High-tech metal recycling, container service, demolition works and product destruction as core business

Riwald Recycling higtech granultor voor duurzaam en hightech metaalrecycling

High-tech metal recycling

Our granulator, a unique metal processing machine, separates the ferrous from the non-ferrous. Due to its innovative performance, our granulator, with the linked waste separation technologies, can separate the remaining waste from the incoming metals, resulting that all raw materials are suitable for 100% reuse. This process ensures pure end-products, leading to a maximum recovery rate. Consequently, the main advantage of this process is that all end-products can be offered directly to companies in the manufacturing industry, smelters and end-processors for reuse.

Moreover, we invest in a green future by working with electric cranes, a sustainable fleet and transport over water - environmentally friendly, fuel-saving and noise-reducing! This makes Riwald Recycling one of the most innovative recycling companies within the Netherlands and the rest of the world. Our circular business philosofy thinks about the future and we believe that metal recycling can also be done differently: more focus on sustainable operations and reduction on emissions in order to become a professional and responsible organization.

Container service

Riwald Recycling can place containers for the collection of all metal-containing waste streams, e.g. metal scrap, production waste, wrecking bars, surplus of inventory, machines and installations. Due to our wide range of containers, we can place different types of containers from 1 to 40m3, e.g. open containers, containers with lids, closable containers and liquid-tight containers. All our standard containers are equipped with an anti-theft lock, resulting that theft of a container with content is limited to a minimum. Besides, we also offer you the option of producing tailor-made containers according to your desires. If you need a container for one day, for a longer period of time or for a constant placement, we guarantee you a professional empty process. If desired, we can also provide you with mobile cranes equipped with high-tech equipment for disassembly, cutting and loading activities on location.

Duurzaam containerservice met de nieuwe Volvo FH 2021
Riwald Recycling metaalrecycling van vliegtuigen van AELS

Demolition works

Riwald Recycling kan voor u de demontage van installaties, constructies, infrastructuur en machines verzorgen. Ook in het ontmantelen van vaartuigen, voertuigen, vliegtuigen, locomotieven, bruggen en sluizen zijn wij gespecialiseerd. Dit alles dankzij vakkundig personeel, een uitgebreid geoutilleerd machinepark en een eigen transport vloot.

Additionally, we can receive large demolition objects, e.g. bridges, lock gates, discarded windmills and heavy structures via water at our locations.

Product Destruction

Riwald Recycling is specialized in the complete destruction of depreciated, damaged and/or unsellable (overstock) products and prototypes. Due to our physical high-tech destruction, you prevent that rejected and depreciated products will enter the market. Our product destruction process is completely safe, circular and certified. Riwald Recycling works in accordance with the strictest European standards and guidelines, and due to our innovative separation technologies, illustrated in our machinery, we ensure that all raw materials within your products will find their way back into the circular economy. All products will be transported in accordance with the strictest guidelines and will be destroyed in an irreparable way. After the product destruction process you will receive a destruction report and the corresponding documents. Additionally, it is for all our customers possible to attend the destruction process under supervision. Thanks to our high-tech and circular supply chain, all raw materials are suitable for 100% reuse and our process contributes to the maximum raw material efficiency.

Riwald Recycling is gespecialiseerd in 100% circulair, betrouwbaar en gecertificeerd in het productvernietigingsproces.

Why you should choose Riwald Recycling

The 9 spearheads of Riwald Recycling

Extended opening hours

Every working day open from 07:00 - 16:30 and during the holiday periods also open with adjusted opening hours.

Always one point of contact

You always have one point of contact during your delivery. During your visit we arrange everything from A-Z and we take the complete delivery off your hands.

High-tech equipment

Riwald Recycling works with state-of-the-art equipment in the field of sustainable and circular recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous.

Maximum raw material efficiency

Riwald Recycling contributes to maximum raw material efficiency with a recycling percentage of 95-100%.

Circular entrepreneurship

Riwald Recycling performs its operational activities according to the principles of circular economy and the Trias Energetica.

Fast, clear and fair quality control

Riwald Recycling has a spacious complex where several inspections can be performed simultaneously by skilled personnel.

Expertly trained personnel

Riwald Recycling has qualified personnel and offers internal training for new employees.

Instant and fast payments

Riwald Recycling is known for its fast direct and indirect payments to suppliers and business partners.

We always buy your metal

Riwald Recycling buys all different types of ferrous and non-ferrous from different order quantities, and even possible on a contract basis.